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What are the tests for?

Created by esf, the tests allow everyone to progress step by step in their snow sports.

On the basis of specific technical criteria, our esf instructors validate with yours or your child’s technical level and the improvements to be made in the practice of snowboarding.

Test for children 

Goomie Rider

To become a Goomie Rider, you have to know how to make turns:  direct traverse track finished by a round, frontside and backside..

 And you need to master 2 of the 3 proposed tests:
  • Autonomy : use the lifts in a protected environment..
  • Fakie : make the discovery falling leaf technique frontside and backside.
  • Basic attitude : perform 1 direct flat board track with vertical movements. 

Rookie Rider

Turns : 4 to 6 discovery turns.

And you need to master 2 of the 3 proposed tests: : 
  • Fakie : to carry out discovery rounded fakie in frontside and backside by leaving in the line of slope.
  • Basic attitude : sliding on a box in 50/50.
  • Flat : perform a discovery falling leaf technique in frontside and backside on a medium slope.

Izzy Rider

To become Izzy Rider, you have to know how to do:
  • Turns : do 4 to 6 discovery turns in a marked out course (cones that are 20 meters apart) one after the other.
  • Basic attitude : make a voluntary jump interspersed with phases of flat boarding on a gentle slope.
  • Flat & fakie : perform a 180° traverse (front or cab).

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