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What are the tests for?

Created by esf, the tests allow everyone to progress step by step in their snow sports.

On the basis of specific technical criteria, our esf instructors validate with you or your child the skills acquired and the improvements to be made in the practice of Nordic skiing.

Tests for adults 

Class 1

Preparation 1 degree - Motricity positioning 

In the skating course:
  • I am able to take skating steps without the ski poles on slippery ground.

In the classical course:
  • I am capable of taking a slippery step on a steep slope.

In the skating and classical courses:
  • I carry out a descent of the 1st degree type.
  • I do a series of snowplow turns..

1st ski 

I don't know how to ski:
  • Varied trips and sliding walking on flat ground..
  • Direct trace on gentle slopes
  • Snowplowing on gentle slopes with natural stop 

Class 2

2nd degree preparation  

  • I move on flat ground in skating technique using my arms.
  • I slide with a transfer of body weight from one ski to the other with alternating arm thrust..
  • I stay balanced by sliding faster, on the slope and across, and perform a series of turns that end with skis parallel or with turning steps down the slope.

Class 3

3rd degree preparation

  • I carry out the different skater's steps in a coordinated way adapted to the speed of the movement and I carry out a varied course with the gestures of classic technique and by mastering my placement from one ski to the other in the sliding phases.
  • I make a series of parallel turns, on the slope and during traverses, and I do side sideslips, slanting or rounding.

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