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Cross-country skiing 

Who is cross-country skiing for?

You want to let go, to escape and discover new horizons?  

Accompanied by an esf instructor, whether you are a beginner or with more experience, explore the resort’s surroundings on cross-country ski trails adapted to your level and discover the beauty of the mountain. 

  • Adults all level
  • Children from 4 years old 

Classic skiing

The skis used are long and narrow: they do not have metal edges and the central part is waxed in order to hold them in place, if not, they are equipped with scales for tourist-leisure activities.
The traditional technique, known as classical, consists of advancing in two parallel tracks. It is also called the technique of the alternative step because the sliding is carried out from one foot to the other.


Skating style

Skating is practiced with smooth skis, without wax in order to slide as well as possible over the whole length.
This style, which is similar to ice skating, is more demanding than classical skiing and requires a certain physical condition.


Other practices


L'alliance de l’effort et de la précision ! Le biathlon est un sport complet qui allie effort physique et grande concentration. 
The combination of effort and precision!
Biathlon is a whole sport that combines physical effort and great concentration.
In groups or individually and with passionate instructors, come and discover a sport that is too little known but in full expansion! Biathlon is accessible to everyone, although it is recommended to have a few notions of Nordic Skiing to begin with. Even if the skating style belongs to the biathlon, you can do it as well in classic skiing.

The snowshoe hike

Forget about stress and crowds. Come and enjoy the snow by walking at your own pace on snowshoes. 
Supervised by professionals, discover the mountains, the wildlife and the forest environment.
Discover the treasures of the mountains in winter. Over the few hours of walking, the instructor will make you live an unforgettable moment.


Nostalgic for the perfect movement or attracted to the elegance of the attitude, try telemark! 

Invented in the 19th century in Norway, telemark is the oldest downhill skiing technique. A mastered telemark turn is characterized by aesthetics and elegance. Provide yourself with the means to grasp all the finesse of this gesture: trust the esf specialists, they will give you the keys to an energy-saving yet efficient gesture. 

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