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What will they discover? 

What will they discover? 

A thrilling activity
Ski, snowboard, freestyle, Nordic skiing, competition: esf enjoys the variety.
From the beginner’s level to competition, esf offers a wide variety choice. Each activity provides its
own sensations! Your child will have everything they need to be fulfilled and follow the lead of the older.

Master all the techniques

Not at ease on snow and yet… the desire to succeed is there!
Progressively and safely, your child improves their technical bases. They build (or rebuild) their
confidence, with no pressure of any kind, until they master the movement. For them, the race to the
stars begins…

Live an adventure with your friends!

The group lessons dynamic is also essential to grow.
The friends they meet up with every day and the collaborative spirit are an excellent way to progress while having fun.
For a completely personalized monitoring, private lessons are obviously available.

Customized lessons

With esf, you get to decide
  • Group lessons  
  • Private lessons

Of your lessons time:
  • half a day 
  • a full day
  • Week-end
  • a week

Find a school

Our 220 schools are spread all over the French massifs. Only one click away from discovering the information on each of them and the features of the resort

Type of lessons available

Group lessons

Each group is different from the other. You set your own goal. Esf is there to help you achieve them and share with others. 
Within a homogeneous group (beginners, intermediate or advanced), our esf instructors give everyone the same attention. Ski, snowboard, off-piste, ski touring, Nordic skiing, competition… The group spirit reinforces individual involvement in a friendly, relaxed and sporting atmosphere. 

Private lessons

A tailor-made and nothing else but privileged experience that is permanently accessible to all, whether individually or in small groups, with the people of your choice
You enjoy a customized support, as you will be accompanied by your esf instructor who will meet your needs. Learn or relearn the basics, develop a technical point, intensify your experience in a specific discipline, explore the ski area: you progress at your own pace, with personalized devices

Courses and private outings

Quickly improve your skills within a few days, discover the treasures of a ski area with our esf instructors: dive into the mountain experience with us. 

One of the esf missions is to always take you further up. Stretch the limits of the marked courses and live magic moments, while disconnecting from your everyday life and communing with nature. You will take with you more than just memories
Evaluate your level through a video
The videos and their descriptions will help you choose the right course for your children.
See the results of the Stars tests
Go on “the slope of stars”: from “Ourson” to the gold star, track the progress and knowledge of
your children. What will be their next medal?


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