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What are the tests for?

Created by esf, the tests allow everyone to progress step by step in their snow sports.
Based on specific technical criteria, our esf instructors validate with you or your child the skills acquired and the improvements to be made in the practice of alpine skiing.



You've never skied before, but the desire is strong? Or: a certain apprehension has constantly delayed the moment when you say to yourself "I'm getting into it"? The esf instructors will teach you the right moves, the right technique, the confidence... the pleasure of skiing, quite simply.

PFirst objective:
  • CTo know your equipment and be autonomous to use it.
  • VTo get familiar with the snow.

EThen, you will know:
  • GSlide on smooth terrain on a gentle slope, while keeping your balance.
  • PTake a turn with your skis in the snowplow position.
  • CControl your speed on serpentine trajectories or in a direct line facing the slope.
  • UUse the ski lifts.

Classe 1

Once you have acquired the essential gestures, you know how to control your speed and change direction when plowing on a gentle slope. We go to the next step!
VHere are your objectives:
  • Make a descent in a basic (simple) turn on a gentle to medium slope.
  • Make an elementary direct track (on a more or less straight trajectory).
  • Make rounded and diagonal sideslips.
  • Master two different steps: the turning step (change direction by shifting the angle of your skis) and the skating step (move forward by sliding from one ski to the other).

Classe 2

You will learn how to make your first sideslips while controlling your speed, you know how to finish your turns with your skis parallel on a gentle slope. To increase the pleasure of sliding, refine your technique and discover new "playgrounds".

Here are your objectives:
  • To master turns with skis parallel on a medium and varied slope.
  • Make basic shortswing (short turns using your poles).
  • Make a direct trace on increasingly varied slopes.
  • Perform basic sideslips and garlands (a succession of sideslips on the side, interspersed with direct descents).
  • To be familiar with different types of snow (packed, icy, deep, wet) and different types of terrain (slopes, bumps, small hollows).

Classe 3

You know how to pivot with your skis parallel, you can handle different types of slopes, terrain and snow. Your new challenge: mastering all the curves and large turns, synchronising your movements with the mechanical reactions of the skis.

VHere are your objectives:
  • RAchieve perfect shortswing (short turns using your poles).
  • RAchieve perfect rounded and garland sideslips (a succession of sideslips on the side, interspersed with direct descents).
  • MMaster the cut rounding (wearing on the edges) and the perfected direct trace.
  • To be at ease in general in specific turns on all types of snow and terrain.

Once class 4 has been validated, you will be able to discover other disciplines with esf such as ski touring.

Classe 4

Gestures and techniques are taught. You are able to ski everywhere, on different types of terrain, and you wish to do it with more ease, more efficiency, while enjoying yourself. To enjoy a maximum of sensations, you are now going to improve your technical knowledge and perfect your gestures. . 

Here are your objectives:
  • In a word, become an expert! Turns, shortswing … ; 
  • And to go a little further, you will have trained for other experiences such as competition (giant slalom, special slalom for example) or the discovery of the Snow and Mountain program (off-piste) and freestyle. 

Once class 4 has been validated, you will be able to discover other disciplines with esf such as ski touring.

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