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esf Academy

 The duties of ski instructors and ski school directors have become more complex as the esf have developed: profession, digital, customer relationship, school organization, tax regulations... So many points for which instructors and management teams can count on the support of the Syndicat national des moniteurs du ski français (SNMSF)

esf Academy's mission is to support esf instructors and directors in the many facets of their job.
esf Academy is a skills center for esf instructors that focuses on coordinating all existing support actions and thus offers calibrated and adapted training programs with qualified instructors.

With the objective of proximity, esf Academy travels to the various mountain ranges in France so that those who are farthest away can also benefit from these training courses.

For more information on esf Academy training courses, contact your esf manager.

Become an esf instructor

esf Academy will help you to become an esf ski instructor by training you for the first state-registered diploma exams which, if you pass, will allow you to join one of our 220 esf instructors working all over the French mountains.
 Make your mark, join esf Academy and become an esf ski instructor!

The conditions of your application

  • You are at least 16 years old;
  • You can certify a level of Flèche d'or or Chamois de vermeil;
  • You are in possession of an ESF Club or Fédération Française de Ski license.

How does this work? 

Get sponsored by your favorite esf (host esf*).
Join the esf Academy of the massif you wish to join (local esf Academy).
Depending on your progress in your training, you will be prepared for one of the first two exams of the State Ski Diploma - National Alpine Ski Instructor.
Training by the day, weekend or week according to the training programs set up by the local esf Academy and according to your availability.

Objective n°1: Technical test 

Technical skiing
Slalom training
Blank tests
Video support
Ski preparation
Preparation and assistance to the event.

You will be supervised by confirmed coaches / trainers referenced by the SNMSF technical department.

Obtaining the technical test allows you to integrate the preparatory cycle.

Objective n°2: Preparatory cycle 

Technical skiing
You will be supervised by trainers referenced by the SNMSF technical department.

Successful completion of the preparatory cycle allows you to open your training booklet.

Training booklet

This training booklet gives you the quality of a trainee instructor. You can now join an esf that will also be your approved training center. It will prepare you for the following deadlines, in order to integrate in an optimal way the National School of Mountain sports (ENSA) and pass your diploma.

As soon as you have completed the preparatory cycle and are integrated into your esf, you can teach for remuneration within the limits of your prerogatives.
À noter
- In case of sponsorship, your host esf will pay 50% of the educational costs (technical test and preparatory cycle) within the limit of 500€ in case of success in the preparatory cycle and your integration in the sponsor esf**.
- Sponsorship is not mandatory to follow the esf Academy courses.
- Your local esf Academy will make you benefit from preferential rates, specially negotiated for you, for lift passes and accommodation during your preparation courses.
- Preferential rates and advice on equipment purchase.
- Administrative, social and fiscal support from the Syndicat National des Moniteurs du Ski Français in the declaration of your status as a Non-Salaried Worker and in the choice of your future accounting.

** Amount reimbursed upon payment of your first fees

For more information, contact us