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The discipline 

Pure pleasure

For all ages and all levels: in freestyle, we push the sensations to a maximum.
Skiing or snowboarding in tribe mode:
take advantage of all the experience of esf instructors to evolve and progress in complete safety


Skiing: the main grabs 

the main grabs on snow 

various boxes

1. Inrun
2.transition area
3.kicker area
4. flight curve line 
5. knoll

Basic rules 

Some ground rules to begin with: 

1. Identify 

Choose the size and shape of the box according to your goals. 

2. Observe

Observe the qualities and the state of the snow. 

3. Adapt

Adapt your speed to each box and each trick. 

Conduct rules 

On the park 

1.Before you jump, do not forget to do a proper warmup. 
2. Put on a helmet and a back protection
3. Identify each box and/or course before you start. 
4. Use the box and/or courses according to your level of technique and the difficulty of boxes (indicated by a color coding). 
5.Before you begin, check if the reception area is free.
6.Respect the departure order. 
7.Adapt your speed to each box and/or course and do not attempt any unconsidered tricks. 
8.Do not stay in the reception area or along the course. Never go up a slope for any reason (loss of equipment or other).
9.Be vigilant in your movements, do not cross the courses and boxes. 
10.In the event of an accident, block the course or box and notify the emergency services. 
11. To take photos, stay back. 

On airbags 

1. Put on a helmet and a back protection.
2. Warm up before you jump.
3. Identify the kicker’s momentum and shape. 
4. Respect the momentum indicated by the manager or your instructor. 
5. Make sure that the airbag is free before you jump. .
6. Once in your momentum, do not slow down any more. 
7. At the end of the kicker, give an impulsion. 
8. Do not attempt any unconsidered maneuvers.
9. Quickly exit the course after landing in the airbag. 
10.  Respect the signs
11. In the event of an accident, block the kicker and warn the manager of the structure. 


  • AIRBAG: Air-filled inflatable mattress, used for secured receptions.
  • BACKCOUNTRY: Off-piste freestyle (preferably in power-snow conditions)
  • BIO: Off-axis rotation (forward).
  • CONTRE ROTATION: Upper and lower body rotations are opposite (twist, shiffty, late, ...).
  • CORK: Off-axis rotation (towards the back).
  • STREET ENTRY: The rider enters on a box or a rail on the side.
  • FLAT: A set of tricks that can be performed on the ground, without a box.
  • GRAB: Grab the ski with the hand.
  • HAND DRAG: Figure with a hand leaning on the snow.
  • JIB: Set of artificial snow park boxes.
  • KICKER: Ski jump.
  • KINK: Rail or box with several alternating flat segments, descending or ascending.
  • KNOLL: Rounded form between the flat and the reception.
  • NOLLIE: Jump performed without a kicker, using the pop (support on the front).
  • OLLIE: Jump performed without a kicker, using the pop (off the tails of your skis).
  • FLIGHT CURVE: The riders’ aerial trajectory from the moment they leave the ground to the moment they land.
  • POP: Energy returned by the ski following its deformation.
  • SHUFFLE: A series of pivoting movements of the skis on a box.
  • SLIDE: The perpendicular position of the skis in relation to the axis of a box or rail.
  • SWITCH: Sliding backwards.
  • TRICK: Acrobatic figure.
  • UNNATURAL: Direction of rotation least liked by the rider.

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