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The discipline 

Alpine skiing 

From the first time to being an expert, enjoy yourself while making progress!
  • Group lessons 
  • Private lessons


The perfect combination of fun, relaxation and sport: alpine skiing is an unforgettable experience. 
Whether it is to get together as a family on the slopes or exploring the ski area, everyone has their own rhythm to enjoy themselves. 

  • Discover the beauty of the great outdoors
  • Escape and feel free
  • Make your mark on the ski slopes
  • Experience strong sensations
  • Exercise and practice physical activity 
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Why choose alpine skiing for your stay ?

Various practices 

Alpine skiing on the slopes 

The most common practice. On marked and safe slopes, everyone can experience beautiful descents at their own pace.  
Our esf instructors are there to teach you the right gestures and the right technique on the slopes with other skiers. 

Off-piste freeride 

Ski freely. Away from the slopes, explore the great outdoors, leave your mark in the untouched snow. 

Our esf instructors will take you to the best spots in each mountain massif, in complete safety. 

Freestyle in the snowpark 

In freestyle, push the sensation to a maximum. Take-offs and acrobatics: express your talent! 

Learn how to control your body in space, balance, speed, until you achieve the perfect figure. 

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