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The beauty of the mountain

Getting away from the screens and social media for a few days, reconnecting with nature and more particularly with the mountains, being aware of the notions of environmental protection: the missions of the foundation are multiple.

The Syndicat National des Moniteurs du Ski Français (SNMSF) created the Enfance & Montagne endowment fund in 2020. It financially supports educational projects related to the mountains (such as discovery classes). A very French tradition that the Syndicat wishes to encourage.
For the children, the discoveries are numerous: the discovery of a new environment, the development of autonomy and community life, the practice of sports and cultural activities... The result is unforgettable memories that will perhaps make them future ambassadors of the mountain.

Committed to youth

The SNMSF, a pioneer of this project, is convinced that the values supported by these discovery classes are essential to help in the well-being, development
and the education of our children.

It is with conviction that the SNMSF affirms its commitment to youth through the Enfance & Montagne endowment fund, and hopes to give back to the mountain discovery classes their rightful place in the school educational path.

To benefit discovery classes

Enfance & Montagne will redistribute all the funds collected via a financial endowment allocated directly to discovery classes organized by elementary schools. 

The Syndicat National des Moniteurs du Ski Français, founder of "Enfance & Montagne", will allocate a donation of €200,000 for the first fiscal year 2020/2021.
For more information, visit the Enfance et Montagne Endowment Fund website.

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