Votre petit sur des skis avec l'ESF la Croix de Bauzon
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La Croix De Bauzon Ski School

Your ski lessons at the ESF of La Croix de Bauzon

When we arrive at the Croix de Bauzon resort, it's a breath of oxygen in the heart of the Tanargue massif that awaits us! La Croix de Bauzon is the only ski resort in Ardèche. It offers you a family ski area where it is pleasant to ski with family, friends or even alone.
The resort la Croix de Bauzon allows you to escape in a snowy parenthesis in the heart of the Ardèche forest in the Massif Central. Indeed, 95% of the ski area is located in the forest and you can even have a beautiful view on the Mont Lozère or the Ventoux when you are at the top of the slopes.
The ski area has 11 slopes on which the ESF Croix de Bauzon instructors are ready to teach you the practice of various snow sports. In particular, you will have the choice between alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing! You will have access to 3 green slopes, 6 blue slopes, 1 red and 1 black. Two free slopes are dedicated to the practice of cross-country skiing, one blue slope of 5.5km and one red slope of 9km. If there is not enough snow on this part of the resort, confirmed Nordic skiers can go to the Riou Grand area which has 3 slopes with charged access.



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The advantages of the school

    The particularity of the resort

    In an effort to satisfy its clients, the team at the Croix de Bauzon resort renovated its snowmaking facility in 2012 and also extended it twice (2013 and 2014). Croix de Bauzon is therefore equipped with 25 snowmakers spread over the slopes and the farfadet ski area.
    The ski area is a space dedicated to the little ones to help them develop their motor skills and become familiar with snow sports activities. The ski area offers slopes reserved for children to learn skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. You will have access to 3 ski lifts including a carpet, a gondola and a beginner's ski lift.
    For a relaxing weekend in the snow surrounded by your family and friends, the resort of Croix de Bauzon is ideal!

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